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DJ is a Master trainer and Nutrition Coach specialising in Strength and condition training, weight management, diet plans, sports specific training and bodybuilding and figure competition preparation. 

DJ has spent 25 years in the gym before taking up competitive bodybuilder but unlike his competition, was more fascinated in perfecting preparations techniques in the gym and with nutrition.  During multiple events with different preparation approaches and experimentation, DJ was able to successfully tailor his own techniques to help men and women not only on the stage but in all sports regardless of goals and experience levels and age. 

DJ is continuously furthering his knowledge as a Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach with diploma studies and now offers fully customised meal and training plans with weekly check-ins and unlimited access to enquiries once the plan commences. No two plans are the same and are adjusted and treated individually as no two people are the same !

Elite athletes, competitive bodybuilders and everyday people wanting to shape-up have all experienced success in their goals!The only thing stopping you is that first step to contact us and when you do, we are in this together to achieve your goals! 

So take that first stop and let our journey begin!